Art science collboration // 2020 - 2023

Vekselvirkninger transgresses the fields of art and science, and relies on a method collaboration with PhD student Eldbjørg B. Vea from the Sustainability Division at DTU (the Technical l University of Denmark). In a parallel process, we deal with models and methods for measuring environmental impact and sustainability, focusing on the specific phenomenon of eutrophication (water bodies over-enriched with minerals and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphor). The process will manifest through different artistic and scientific outcomes including a PhD thesis, several art pieces and explorative experiments into science communication.

At the website we share refelctions on the collaborative and individual process as the projects progress.

Vekselvirkninger acknowledges the fundamental interrelation of the fields of art and science and how they in a complimentary manner enrich and deepen the understanding of phenomena of the world. To better enable people to relate to scientific data on a sensuous and emotional level, the arts and the aesthetic dimension that deals with exactly these issues are needed.

“It is to the artistic to which we must turn, not as a rejection of the scientific, but because with both we can achieve binocular vision. Looking through one eye never did provide much depth of field.” (Elliot W. Eisner, 1981)