Performance concert // 25 - 28 November 2020

ORAKLET is an immersive performance concert that unfolds around the oracle as a spiritual and technological phenomenon. The audience has the opportunity to ask the modern oracle questions that will be answered through ritual dream elements, light, sound, and movement which all together forms a compound system evolved from conceptions of the historical oracle.

Our human nature holds the fear of the unknown. Throughout history, the narrative of people always has involved rituals centred around the clarification on existential questions. Every religion, cult and clan have posed questions and sought meaning through a system of unique, ritual actions that helped them interpret the answer. Even though we feel more enlightened than ever before this counts today as well. But to which places do we look for answers to our questions and how could a modern day oracle alternatively be embodied?

ORAKLET is created by MANA:GROUP :
Maria Nadia : Lyd, vokal
Linh Le: Performer
Christine Hvidt : Lys, skulpturer

all photographs by Jacob Nour