T U S M Ø R K E (Aura no. II)

Light installation exhibited through Art Room 1000fryd, Aalborg // 2020

Tusmørke (Aura no. II) is a light installation that combines artificial and natural light at the transition from day and light, to night and darkness. With a starting point of the exact time of the sunset, a twilight composition will explore the relationship between light and darkness, natural and artificial light in the ‘light-specific’ context of Nørresundby waterfront.

With the invention of electric light the darkness has become alien and unfamiliar to us and we can easily avoid it especially in the cities. This has allowed for activities during all time of day, and light pollution is becoming an increasing problem that distorts the biological rhythms of ecosystems and living organisms including humans. Light is information and clarity. Light and movement draw our attention. And in the information society the highest value lies in where we focus our attention.

What happens if the darkness is invited back into the consciousness?

Not many generations ago there was a time where the darkness was a crucial element in everyday experiences. Especially in the North the darkness would fill most of the day in the winter. In the darkness there is space for imagination to unfold, and in the unknown — space for uncertainty and the ambiguous.