Light, digital media, and moving images as analog, spatial, and virtual experiences.
Multimedia expression to me is difficult to categorise under specific artforms and I like to think of what I do as thinking with and through the different languages and media I engage with.

I find it interesting how expressions in the form that can be appreciated as art and science can reveal different dimensions of being in the world within the frames of each their respective approaches.

I believe it to be extremely important to find ways for the sensory knowledge to earn more recognition as a way of knowing. It is through the sensory apparatus that we experience the world.

I further believe that through artistic expression and aesthetic experience we are allowed access to places that we would otherwise not be able to encounter. An encounter that can go beyond our own range of perception.

I am of the opinion that both artistic and scientific perspectives help us be conscious about our disposition and relation to our surroundings.

I welcome any questions or ideas for collatoration.
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// Christine
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