I am a Danish trans-disciplinary artist based in Den Haag (NL). With a fascination for systems thinking, my practice lies in and between the digital, computational systems, biological organisms or matter, documentary, performance, installation and research.
I engage with relations such as the conceptions of human and nature; art and science; and environmental and social aspects of ecological systems.

Often, I employ physical form that engage the senses and the bodily encounter. It is through the sensory apparatus that we experience the world, while the bodily experience is essential to making meaning and sense of our reality.

The overly human-shaped environment has skewed our relation to the natural world that we are of. Based upon the present planetary situation I am exploring how to (re)build the connection to the ecosystems of the natural world by reestablishing the sensibility that we, mostly in western society, seem to have lost. To me, this means to nurture empathy, listening, empowerment, decision-making, habit awareness, response-ability, and hope through art and aesthetic experiences. I intent to create stories that challenge the major narratives of our time: narratives of modernity, growth, progress, human exceptionalism, and nature as a resource. As human beings, we need to reposition ourselves within the network of planetary ecosystems. I trust in stories of co-habitation; aesthetic situations that allow for multispecies encounters; and expanding the narratives of, with and through technology.

I welcome any questions or ideas for collaboration.
Please contact me by mail or phone.

// Christine



b. 1989, Denmark



Stable Unstable Earth , audiovisual narrative, part of Vekselvirkninger, After Progress Digital Exhibition




2020 ongoing


2020 ongoing









2013 - present

2012 - present

Hyfer, light and living mycelium installation, Støberiet, Blågården, Cph (DK)

Virus, generative sound generative sound piece, collaboration w. Daniela Maciel, KP20 the artists spring exhibition, cencored exhibition, Kunsthal Aarhus, (DK)

Vekselvirkninger, ongiong art / science collaboration with PhD researcher Eldbjørg B. Vea about artistic and scientific practice, sustainability and the concept of eutrophication

ORAKLET, performance concert about the questions we ask and the answers we seek, with MANA:GROUP at Teaterhuset, Cph

K L A B A U T, ongiong public site specific installation at the Northern Habour, Vordingborg (DK)

H A B I T A L, performance installation, collaboration w. Stefan Engelbrecht Nielsen, at the opening of the culture house, Vordingborg Stationsbygning, Vordingborg (DK)

T U S M Ø R K E (Aura no. III), public light composition and light - specific installation at Aarhus Sound art festival The Habour Bath, Art Room 100fryd, Aarhus (DK)

T U S M Ø R K E (Aura no. II), public light composition and light - specific installation at Nørresundby habour front, Art Room 100fryd, Aalborg (DK)

Aura no. I, light installation; an adaptive light organism that is affected by it’s sonic environment. VæredygtighedsKonferencen by Center for Væredygtighed, Aarhus (DK)

Light and projections in the theatre play *Aalborg DNA*, Musikkens Hus, Aalborg

Light sculpture and live performance with Nadja, Northern Winter Beat, Aalborg

What the voices whispered through the waves, real time sound installation, Final BA project, Art and Technology, AAU, Aalborg (DK)

Atmosphaera, audio visual koncert piece (45min), collaboration w. sound artist Morten Poulsen: Silkeborg Church, Markus Church (Aalborg), Frederikshavns Church, og Nykøbing Mors Church.

Light installations or live performance of light projections at Aarhus Psych Fest, Gutter Island Garage Rock Festival, CPH DOX, Beat Circus Festival, Heartland festival, the Think Tank DEA, Cultural Summit Mors, Northern Winter Beat Festival and Ars Electronica.

Live performance of light pieces icw. cultural activities in churches as Getsemane Church (Cph), Taarbæk Church, Christians Church in Lyngby, Lillerød Church, Virum Chruch.


2015 - present

Motion graphics, video design, animation, music videoes and art movies with costumers such as Novo Nordisk, Kristján Ingimarsson Company, Teatre Cantabile 2, Teatre OM, musician Marc Facchini, Ministry of Higher Education and Science, GEUS, Carlsberg Foundation, the bands Mørkt Stof, Bæst, Claus Hempler, Niel Furio, Mescalin baby, Naderi.


2016 - 2019



BA, Art and Technology, Aalborg University (DK)

Adobe After Effects: expanded, course, Kort- og Dokumentar Filmskolen (DK)

Borups Højskole


2013 - present


2015 - 2017

Self-employed, Christine Hvidt

Co-production on artistic academic video article, Falk Heinrich, Aalborg University

Alpha Film & Kommunikation

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